Size 1800~2100*600*1900 (mm)
N.W. / G.W. 1000 / 1200 kg
Power 7½HP / 3Phase / 220v / 60HZ
Maximum Production 1000~12000 count / hr
Product Weight Tange 10~600 g
Special Functions Of This Mode :
1. Each structure is independent; so the proportion of skin and stuffing and the speed of
  producting can be set as desired.
2. To avoid ruining the flexibility of layer of the dough, this model uses a round roller to press
  the dough, so that our machine-made products taste home made.
3. This model has two shaping systems; special steel and plastic steel materials. You can
  choose either one for different purposes.
4. The material of the stuffing exiting tube is made of galvanized iron, and the stuffing mixing part
  can be separated from the main machine. This kind of design is made for the convenience
  of resemabling, cleaning and changing filling.
5. Various shaping systems, for example, a scroll system, croissant system, pie crust system,
  can produce different shaped products, rectangle, triangle, square, and round bread.
This model can produce the following products:
01. Meat bun 02. Vegetable bun 03. Small steamed bun 04. French bun 05. Red bean bun
06. Taro Bun 07. Rabbit shaped bun 08. French bread 09. Stuffed bread 10. Stone hard bread
11. Peach shaped cake 12. Turtle shaped cake 13. Cut bun 14. Shan Tong bun 15. Stuffed bun
16. Steamed bun 17. Scroll bun 18. Apple bread 19. Croissant 20. Pastry
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