YJ-600 :
Size 3000*900*1800 (mm)
N.W. / G.W. 1000 / 1200 kg
Power 6½HP / 3Phase / 220v / 60HZ
   YJ-600A :
Size 6000*900*1800 (mm)
N.W. / G.W. 1180 / 1380 kg
Power 7½HP / 3Phase / 220v / 60HZ
Special Functions Of This Mode :
1. The central control system is controlled by the extendable PLC model, that can connect with
  all models of dough encrusting and rounding machines. A fail-safe switch makes it more
  precise to work.
2. You need only to set the length of the dough layer and the times of folding; this model will
  automatically finish the folding process, flour spreading, pressing and cutting.
3. This machine is controlled by computer, it will automatically fold the layer of dough without
  ruining the flexibility, and can produce all kinds of floured products; such as, steamed stuffed
  buns, steamed buns, Shan Tong buns, stone hard bread, shrimp cake, sumpling skin, and
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